Thursday, December 03, 2015

Week Nine Waiver Draft (Dec 3)

These sort of posts are better suited to the morning, but it just hasn't been working out for me that way, but we'll get a quick review of Wednesday's action in the Waiver Draft.

Wednesday saw the end of the 1st round relatively early and we managed to plow through a good portion of the 2nd round, before my head cold got the best of me and shut the process down a little bit earlier than preferred.

The big news out of Wednesday's action in the Waiver Draft wasn't that we concluded the 1st round, rather that Wes decided to drop some scoring talent, in order to respond to Derek & Dan's push for the PIM Pool title.  So, I guess we're starting with the goon story today.

Earlier in the day, Derek & Dan were able to relieve themselves of a player that fell well below expectations and then picked up a goon of great proportions, as they dropped Marian Gaborik of the Kings to pick up Derek Dorsett of the Canucks, immediately putting the pressure on Wes.

Wes responded in kind, but with more of a measure of desperation, as he dropped a forward with the least amount of PIM in the Kings' Jeff Carter, in order for him to take New Jersey forward, Jordin Tootoo.  So, our two teams that will lead the goon pool, will do so with style, which should make for a good race down the stretch.  I wonder what will happen over the next nine weeks.

In dropping Carter, he didn't exactly last very long on the available players list, as Kristy & Don, who were next up after Wes, traded up by dropping Nick Bonino of the Penguins, in order to snag Carter in the pool.  Who knew that having the 36th overall pick would be this good?  Not me, that's who.

Speaking of picking up previously dropped players, Jeremy, with his 1st pick, 26th overall, snagged Logan Couture, who may be closer to returning than not, another drop from our dear friend, Wes, who was really priming his roster for those goons.  Jeremy may count himself lucky, 18 picks after the drop, to even get Couture.

Only one goalie was snagged on Wednesday, as Colorado back-up Reto Berra was taken by Tony, who could use a little bit more play from the crease and might get more than he expected, as the Avalanche crease situation remains a hot topic.

John P. added Mattias Ekholm in Nashville, John R. picked Michael Stone in Arizona and Cindy decided on Nathan Beaulieu in Montreal, as these were the only three teams to add defenders.

The other three forwards, cleaning up the rest of what happened on Wednesday were as follows: Grant swept up Mikhail Grigorenko of the Avalanche 29th overall, Vladislav Namestnikov of the Lightning went to Benny in the 30th spot and then 31st overall was Brett Connolly of the Bruins to Mike.

The 2nd round hasn't nearly moved as quickly as one would have hoped today, but we should be able to motor through tomorrow, assuming someone shows up to their computer or their phone in time.

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