Wednesday, January 03, 2018

All-Star Game Captains

It's Wednesday, which has been the day that the All-Star captain voting information had been released on a weekly basis and the NHL kept on with that format, announcing the final tally for the four divisional captains, after voting concluded on New Year's Day.

As expected, there was absolutely no change to the four captains, who went wire-to-wire, start to finish, and those captains are as follows:

Atlantic Division (host team Tampa Bay Lightning): Steven Stamkos of the Lightning, belonging to Derek B. this season.
Metropolitan Division: Alex Ovechkin of the Capitals, belonging to Benson's team this season.
Central Division: P.K. Subban of the Predators, who is on Tony's pool team.
Pacific Division: Connor McDavid of the Oilers, who is on Steve's team this year.

These four guys have an early leg up on the competition for the mini-game money, but with the 3-on-3 tournament teams being announced in the next couple of weeks, we'll soon see how that all shakes down and whether or not there will be any protests from players for not going to the Olympics this season.

And if you're just tuning in... we will have an Olympic draft too for shits and giggles.  Express your interest soon, just so I can gauge what kind of turnout to expect.

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