Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playoff Pool Going Live Next Week

In order to catch the best group of participants for this Spring's playoff pool, I thought I would put an extra week  into the sign up process.  You might think to yourself that it is a bit early to start thinking about the playoffs, with the races so tight in each conference and you're totally right.  Thankfully, I have thought of that and have provided every team in every box and the early release is going to be for getting a good look and a potential participant can work on their strategy for working out which teams they want to support going forward.

The format will remain the same this year, 24 boxes, 12 boxes for each conference, 7 forwards, 4 defensemen and a goalie, no more than 3 players for any team.  Scoring will remain the same, 1 point for a goal and assist, 2 points for a win and shutout.

Be sure to check out the website and see how the previous winners won their money, you might get some good ideas going forward.

The online selection sheet should be live on that weekend, so you can take the paper copy and apply it to the online selection sheet, ensuring that I receive it or hand me the paper copy and $10 entry fee in person.  It's all good.  Expect another post when the sheet goes live!

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