Saturday, September 10, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Sep 10)

There will be three games today and they get started bright and early this morning with a return game between Russia and the Czech Republic.  On Thursday, the Russians got the upper-hand with a 4-3 win, but it will be a new look on Saturday morning, as it is expected that Semyon Varlamov will go for Russia and Michal Neuvirth will get a start for the Czechs.  Despite the scoreline in the first game, it may be tough to unseat the game one starters, but here's the chance to try.  (Just a note, neither goalie has been confirmed, that's why they're expected)

This game will go at 8:30am MT on Sportsnet 360, just a half hour after this post is published, so get your coffee ready... or check into Sportsnet Central for all the highlights, since you've already missed it.

Finland and Sweden exercised their rivalry in the opening game and it was a good one.  The Finns stealing an overtime win out of it and now both teams will be changing up their goalies and we'll see what kind of result this has.  Tuukka Rask will get the nod for Finland and Henrik Lundqvist will return to the net for the Swedes.  Both goalies should be getting the full 60 minutes for their warm up.

A 10am MT start for this one, broadcast on Sportsnet One, so the first game will likely just be finishing off, as this one faces off.

Finally, it's back-to-back nights for Canada and the US, and we know that Braden Holtby and Corey Crawford are expected to split this game, as they return back to home soil from Columbus.  For the Americans, it has been far from confirmed at this point, but one would think that Cory Schneider would find some time in the crease, likely in a split situation.

This is another 5pm MT start for these two sides, as they invade Ottawa for their pre-tournament match-up.  This game will also be on the main Sportsnet channels.

A side note about this post, it was written on Friday morning, as I am away from the computer for Friday & Saturday, leading up to the draft.  Had to make the best of what I had here.  Rask, Lundqvist and the Canadian split were the only goalies confirmed at the time.

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