Saturday, September 17, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Sep 17)

Let the games... begin!

The 2016 World Cup of Hockey isn't wasting any time to get started either, as a 1:30pm MT start will kick off the games, with the Americans "visiting" the Europeans on the schedule.  After Tuesday night's win over Finland, Team USA had announced that Jonathan Quick was going to be their number one and will get the start today, while for the European conglomerate, it will be Jaroslav Halak, who got the team's last start and only win in the warm-up.

None of our eight teams had any faith in Europe to even pick a goalie, so Halak and company will go without any pool representation, while Quick belongs to Dale and he'll get the first start of the tournament and maybe off to a quick start?

In the late game, a 6pm MT start, the Czech Republic get the tough draw against Canada.  The Czechs probably had the toughest decision on who to go with in net, as their two goalies, Petr Mrazek and Michal Neuvirth, performed admirably in the warm-up.  In the end, the Czechs were very tight-lipped about their announcement, but everyone in the media was leaning towards Neuvirth and they were correct..   As for the Canadians, the pre-pre-tournament (yes, two pre's) assumption was that Carey Price was going to be the number one guy and those assumptions were correct in the end.

Only Mrazek was taken in the pool, so Clayton misses out on a start and Neuvirth's start goes uncollected, while Dale gets a second start in the pool, as he picked up Price as well as Quick, not to mention Russia's starter, Sergei Bobrovsky.

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