Monday, September 12, 2016

Handing Out Camp Invites (Sep 12)

Forward Kris Versteeg was signed to a contract over in Switzerland, but some conflicting reports about why he wasn't qualified to play with his new team, insurance issues or failed physicals, have left him without a contract overseas and now his only options left were to take a tryout with an NHL club, because no one was prepared to offer him a concrete deal. The Edmonton Oilers were one of a few teams to jump on him and he accepted their offer.

The Oilers offer Versteeg a possible spot in their lineup, as there are a few players on their on shaky ground, a cap budget that could fit him in (if needed) and he could turn around and offer their youth a good veteran presence and Stanley Cup wisdom.  Of the PTO's offered out this Summer, this one has the best chance of turning into an actual contract.

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