Thursday, September 29, 2016

World Cup Finals Pool Preview (Sep 29)

I think if the Europeans are going to stay in these finals and the World Cup hockey pool has any chance of being interesting, both situations are going to need the same thing.

Scott opens up the second day of the finals with a deficit of 17 points behind Dale's team in the standings.  Since his team only has a couple of European forwards left, he'll need the underdogs to have an offensive breakout of epic proportions and a defensive stand for the ages.

Dale's Canadian representation has been on top of their game, hence his position in the standings and the biggest reason why the Europeans are well-behind the 8-ball going into tonight's contest.

The goaltending match-up isn't expected to change, as Carey Price will face-off against Jaroslav Halak again.  Both goalies have been great in this tournament and they're providing a good argument for the regular season hockey pool this year, as we can all expect them both to go pretty high this year.

Will we at least get to see a third game in this series on Saturday?

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