Sunday, September 18, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Sep 18)

Day 2 of the World Cup begins today and like everyday of the round robin, it's another doubleheader to be had. Sunday's opener will see Sweden visit the Russians, opening up Pool B action.  The early games will be 1pm MT starts through the round robin, so get used to it.  Rogers GameCenterLive will be streaming all the games, a service I'll be using for sure.

But let's get to the starters, shall we?  For the Swedes, it will be Henrik Lundqvist, their main hope, while for the Russians, Sergei Bobrovsky should be the guy that keeps them in the tournament.

Cam will be one of the lucky few teams that get a start in the early part of this tournament, as he has Lundqvist, while Dale is now operating on his third start in two days, rocking Bobrovsky in the Russian net.

In the late game, the tournament's most intriguing team, the kids from North America, will visit the Finns, which should turn out to be one of the biggest wild card games in the pool.  How will the kids handle the grind of Team Finland?

In net, the Stanley Cup champ, Matt Murray, will go for North America, while Pekka Rinne, the established veteran, will go for Finland.  This match-up is not short of storylines, making it into a great game.

In the pool, it will be Benson versus Clayton, and both teams will be getting their first starts of the tourney in this one.  Both teams are going to be strong offensively, so I don't suppose we'll see much of a repeat of opening night (a pair of shutouts), but it will be some good goaltending, nevertheless.

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