Monday, November 24, 2008

Leafs Acquire Stempniak has reported that the Leafs swung a deal with the Blues this morning to acquire Lee Stempniak for Alex Steen and Carlo Colaiacovo. Let's see how this deal breaks down, shall we?

2008-2009 Stats2009
To TorontoAgeGPPointsCap Hit
Lee Stempniak, F251413$2.5 million

To St. LouisAgeGPPointsCap Hit
Alex Steen, F 24 20 4$1.7 million
Carlo Colaiacovo, D 25 10 1$1.3 million

I honestly have to say that the Leafs really came away winners here today and it isn't just for the simple numbers that you see above. Both Steen and Colaiacovo were a big part of the team's lack of success. Okay, maybe that's a harsh suggestion, but the suggestion that they were a part of the team's stigma for a lack of success could be a better way.

Steen hasn't necessarily been a bad player, he does put up some reasonable numbers in a very mild role, occasionally called upon to play some important minutes, rarely making the big plays when called upon though.

Colaiacovo, on the other hand, has rarely been healthy enough to be a part of the stigma, but kind of creating his own stigma by getting injured on a regular basis. Hopefully, for his sake, his health gets better treatment in St. Louis, as he can be a valuable member to the blueline.

The Leafs do pick up Stempniak, who also carries a lot of potential, yet not quite there when it comes to realizing it yet. This year, however, he's coming pretty close, as he's near a point-per-game pace. I think this is a steal for the Leafs, who have now gotten better without sacrificing a great deal of talent to do so. Look out Northeast Division, the Leafs are gearing up...

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