Thursday, November 13, 2008

Malone Injured

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost one of their higher-priced forwards that they had signed in the off-season, Ryan Malone. Malone is said to be out with a lower-body injury and is out day-to-day. The Lightning's game against Florida was the first game that he missed this year, a 4-0 loss.

Malone and his Lightning crew haven't been the biggest scoring team, thus far this year. Malone only has 3 goals in his first 14 games this year. Only three forwards on the Lightning have cracked the double-digit barrier this year, while most players haven't even cracked 5 points yet. It's a tough year there in Tampa, especially after the ownership spent so much money.

Malone is a 12th round Draft pick of Grant's. Malone ranks down near the bottom of all the players taken in Round 12, while there are players taken in the round that have 10 points or more.

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