Monday, November 24, 2008

Luongo Week to Week

Well, it certainly isn't the best news the Canucks could get today. It looks as though Roberto Luongo won't be in the Vancouver net any time soon. The official prognosis coming (finally!) today is that Luongo will be sidelined on a week-to-week basis with an abductor strain. Not sure what the abductor is... well, after a little bit of research I found the section of muscles in the groin area. Check out the Wikipedia article.

Nevertheless, how many weeks will it take for people to start dropping Luongo from their Sheet team? Now that we're in the Waiver Draft period, will John P. decide to drop him? Okay, well the last one is a 'probably not,' but the first one may see some answers. At the time of posting, there's only 15 minutes until puck drop, so there won't be many trades before it's too late for this week. There was one trade to pick up Curtis Sanford already for this week, which could be a pretty wise move.

Luongo leaves active duty as the highest point producing player in the league with 33 points this season, but now that he's going to miss time, he'll drop like a rock from the top. Stay tuned!

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