Monday, January 04, 2010

Bieksa Out Months

The Canucks fears have likely been realized with the announcement that Kevin Bieksa will likely be out of the line-up for 2-to-3 months with his leg laceration. The reports vary, but one constant in them all is that a tendon has been cut (poosibly two), which is the biggest factor of the injury. It is believed that Bieksa will be in a cast for the next six weeks and will have to undergo some serious rehab.

In 40 games this season, Bieksa only has 1 goal and 15 assists for the Canucks, which is not the normal performance numbers that they were expecting from the 28-year old rearguard. He currently ranks 284th in pool scoring this year, but he finished 186th last season, so there are some missing expectations in that department.

Missing three months will mean he'll back to finish the season before the playoffs start.

ImplicationsIn the Draft, Bieksa is a member of Stacey's team this year and it's Stacey's defense that is his bread & butter, ranking 4th in the pool from the blueline with 97 points this season. Missing out on Bieksa for the next couple weeks before the second Waiver Draft will hurt that ranking.

On the Sheet, Bieksa was not selected at all in Box 10, so there is no implications from his injury this year. For argument's sake, Bieksa is 20 points behind box leader, Duncan Keith this season... in case you were looking for someone new to pick.

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