Friday, January 29, 2010

No Spacek For Montreal

It was reported that Jaroslav Spacek missed Wednesday's game with a bout of the flu, but now it sounds like it's something more. Spacek is expected to miss Saturday's tilt against the Senators with an upper-body injury. Of course, you could probably consider the flu to be more of an upper-body issue, but at the moment, it doesn't sound like the flu. He is still considered day-to-day though, so it must not be too serious.

ImplicationsSpacek is a member of John P.'s Draft team this season, a team that has suffered mightily again, falling back down into last place in the middle of Week Eighteen. Granted, a defenseman isn't really going to help too many scoring woes, but another body in an active line-up is always helpful.

On the Sheet, Spacek was taken six times in Box 27, but certainly wasn't the most popular pick of the box. His 16 points doesn't exactly rank him well in the box either, as Joni Pitkanen leads that category with 30 points. The most popular defenseman in that box, Dennis Wideman, only has 15 points... for argument's sake.

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