Friday, January 15, 2010

Leclaire Concussed

It appears that the upper-body injury that Pascal Leclaire suffered on Thursday was a little more serious than originally thought. He reportedly took a shot to the mask in practice and he was forced to leave the crease. It turned out that Leclaire has suffered a concussion and he'll now be out a minimum of a week, but there is a rumble that he could be out of the line-up on an indefinite basis, although that's unconfirmed.

Leclaire has only appeared in in 26 games for the Senators this season, thanks in large part to his broken cheekbone, which he suffered earlier in the year and he also missed a game due to the flu, so it hasn't been a healthy year for him. In his 26 appearances, Leclaire has amassed a record of 11-10-1 with no shutouts this year. That's worth 22 points in the pools here at, which ranks him 231st among all players and he's a ways down in the goaltender ranks. Only more proof that its been a tough year for him.

ImplicationsNow, this will have an effect on Peter's team in the Draft, but he's well back in the standings, so the meaning towards the money is quite small. Leclaire may only miss the minimum week, which doesn't make it too bad, but its all relative, isn't it?

On the Sheet, no one went after Leclaire in Box 31, so there's nothing there either.

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