Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weiss Day-to-Day, Lower-Body

The Panthers will have to deal without Stephen Weiss for the short-term, as the smallish forward is dealing with a lower-body injury, which is thought to be more of a leg injury. Weiss tried to play on it over the weekend, but was shutdown early and it also forced him to miss Monday night's game against the Thrashers. There isn't too much detail for this injury, so we have to consider him out day-to-day for now. If he was trying to play on, it may not be that bad, a contusion causing a lot of discomfort seems likely.

Florida plays again on Wednesday in New Jersey.

Implications2nd segment winner and 4th place in the Draft standings sees Dale B., who is now without one of his top forwards for the time being. If this is a long-term injury, this could be a little more serious to him. It's a tight race up there and everyone is going to need all hands on deck. Very interesting development...

On the Sheet, it's not as exciting. Weiss is a member of Box 17, so there is no worth to him in that pool.

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