Sunday, January 10, 2010

Savard Injured Again

The final word came down from the Bruins regarding Marc Savard, as he's expected to miss up to a month with a partial tear of his MCL in his right knee. This is a pretty big blow to the Bruins, who have had a hard time scoring goals and now been mentioned in the same breath as Ilya Kovalchuk in some of those trade rumours.

Savard has only played in 28 games for the Bruins this season, scoring 9 goals and 13 assists, which isn't bad production, but he has been known to be a much better producer in his career. Unoffically, I have Savard ranked 201st in pool scoring with his 22 points, which is way down from his final rank of 13th in 2009.

Savard has been an injury-risk for most poolies over the past few years, but his reward is quite great when he is effective.

ImplicationsA month is a quite a while to be out, which might be enough for Stacey to drop Savard in the Draft this coming week. Stacey has quite the gap to make up to climb into the top ten, but a couple big pick-ups could do the trick for him. I am interested to see if Savard does get dropped.

On the Sheet, Savard was in the top Eastern Conference forward box, Box 17, so he was up against some of the big greats, which would keep Savard from getting picked.

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