Monday, August 26, 2013

Hockey Pool Draft Booked... Friends Welcome!

Good news everyone! Not only has the Hockey Pool Domain have some new articles on it this Summer, we also now have ourselves a draft date.  So, prepare to circle the date on your calendars, book whatever time off (if you need to) and tell the wife you're busy on this day... because thank goodness, it's on a weekend this year!

Saturday, September 21st, 2013
Shillelagh's Pub at Sunridge (formerly Jameson's)
1pm to 5pm, with the draft likely to commence around 1:30-2pm

Okay, so what will you need to know?  If you've done my draft before, you'll know all about the rules and such, but for those who are joining for the first time, here's the lowdown.

The entry fee is $50 per team, most of which will go towards the year end prizes.  Since this will be the only pool I will be running this year, there will be fees taken for the website costs, but that's about it.

Scoring is super-easy and I think is a good indicator of players and their value... forwards and defense will be credited for a point for each goal and assist they register, while goalies will also get points for their goals and assists, but they will also get 2 points for each win and an extra 2 points for each shutout they are credited with.

For argument's sake, Martin St. Louis won the scoring race in the shortened season with his 60 points, Steven Stamkos was 2nd with 57 points, while Antti Niemi was the top goalie with 57 points (24 wins, 4 shutouts and 1 assist).

Teams will consist of 14 players: 8 forwards, 4 defensemen and 2 goalies.  Depending on the number of teams that are participating in this year's draft, which could be anywhere between 15 to 30, goalies will likely be at a premium and top-end defensemen go quickly.  If you are going to bring a list of players for yourself to work off of, plan for 30 teams, just so you're not short on players.  Yes, it will get pretty deep.

During the year, we will do two waiver drafts to do an exchange of players.  They normally happen around the one-third mark and the two-thirds mark of the season.  The waiver draft will generally happen via phone/e-mail/Facebook over those weeks, so I will be taking information on how best to contact you during this time.  The waiver draft is simple... the order is determined by the standings on the Sunday previous to the draft starting, there will be two rounds and last place will get to pick first in both rounds.  You will drop a player and then pick up a player of the same position (forward, defense or goalie).  There will be a list of players that are available on the website, so there won't be a lot of homework needed.

Points are taken from the website, right from the horse's mouth.  Generally, numbers are entered on a nightly/morning basis, some nights happen more live than others.  Every week, after Sunday's action or when team's finish their week (Monday to Sunday), a statistical audit is performed.  Points will be added or taken away (thanks to post-game scoring changes) and everything will be made right before the next week's action, starting on Monday.

Bring a friend, let's have a good time!

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know and I'll definitely give you an answer.

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