Saturday, August 31, 2013

My 2014 Pool Projections

It is that time again this year. It's time to do your homework!

When you're dealing with some regulars in your pool, you begin to see some improvements in their picking strategies and then doing your homework becomes even more important.  I have found that if I have projections done in a list, especially in Excel, I will find myself picking players at times where I find that they should go, if not getting them at reasonable bargains.  When you have a list done, there is very little chance that you will forget about a player and you can modify your list so players that you really like could appear when you want them most.

There will be times and picks where others will get players that you're looking at, but as long as they are picking them before you feel comfortable about picking them (unless it was right before your pick), you could feel some satisfaction that you likely got a better player than they did around that time and they may have blown too early of a pick on said player.

So, if you're looking for some ideas, I have each team posted individually, so you can click on the logos below and see each team and even some explanation about the team and how I think they're going to do this year.

My projections will change, leading up to my draft, which is September 21st, as they should through training camp and some exhibition games, but this will at least provide you with an idea about what I'm thinking and get your juices flowing to think the same way.

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