Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2008-2009 Selection Sheet Pool is Coming

I am pretty happy to say that the new Selection Sheet pool is coming along quite well. There is a new idea being batted around for the coming season, that the Sheet may be a wee bit bigger than last year, moving up from the 24 boxes last season to a whopping 32 boxes, including a box for each Conference that includes their team's top rookies or young players.

The larger sheet is now being moved out towards a test group to see if it would be too difficult for the regular players, but nevertheless, the Selection Sheet pool will be released to everyone on Wednesday, September 17th, both on paper and online.

The joys of the regular season selection sheet is that it isn't as hard as the playoffs. Namely, you can choose as many players from one team as you so wish, which could be a benefit, if you don't know a lot of the lower rated players on the list.

On the teaser to the right, you can also catch a glimpse of the prospect box with Nikita Filatov and Fabian Brunnstrom as well, so you will have a shot at a Calder Trophy candidate through the year as well.

Another complaint from the playoff pool was that Johan Franzen didn't make the cut... well, let me assure you, he'll be seen on the regular season pool, along with a number of other surprise names from last year.

So, mark it down on your calendars... September 17th! The Selection Sheet pool is released... only $25 to enter and the pool deadline will be October 7th, the day of the Hockey Pool Draft.

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