Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ducks Waive Schneider

In maybe one of the more curious moves of the summer, the Ducks waived defenseman Mathieu Schneider, despite interest from other teams to make a move for him.  Schneider will now be on the waiver wire for 24 hours for teams to apply for his services, with the lowest ranking team to win the Schneider Sweepstakes.

Schneider, 39, has one more year on his current deal that will see him be a $5.625 million cap hit against his current or new team this season.  Last year, he was fairly productive, scoring 12 goals and 27 assists in 65 games for Anaheim.

The thought behind waiving Schneider is likely that the Los Angeles Kings, who are thought to be most interested in the veteran rearguard's services, don't have the key ingredients available for a deal to the Ducks and the Ducks are nearing desperation to open up salary cap room for Teemu Selanne to return.  Schneider's salary will come straight across to Los Angeles without penalty to Anaheim, which is somewhat of a win-win for both teams, although the Ducks were likely looking for a decent draft pick in return at the beginning of the summer.  Surely, Schneider's age had a lot to do with the negotiation process for a deal.

With the wheels now in motion to move Schneider, this may delay the Selection Sheet's release, as this move will have to be made on the Sheet for accuracy.  Stay tuned...

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