Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bolland Out Indefinitely

The Blackhawks and David Bolland have decided to take on surgery to repair Bolland's ailing back, which has been keeping him out of the line-up of late. Early reports today suggest that Bolland could be out of the line-up for upwards of four months, but there is no report that is actually putting a finite date on his return, so I'm just calling him out indefinitely and would suggest that if you are with Bolland on any one of your teams, that you should drop him, unless you are in a keeper league where you can bench him indefinitely.

Bolland has figured into 13 games for the Hawks, scoring two goals and four assists, but probably could have had slightly better numbers if his health was upwards of 100%.

Bolland really came to light in the playoffs for the Hawks last Spring, making him a very attractive player come fantasy draft time. In the playoffs, Bolland had 12 points in 17 games. During the 2009 regular season, he managed to snag 47 points in 81 games.

ImplicationsIn the Draft, Ryan took Bolland this year, snagging him in the 10th round, 156th overall. Missing out on Bolland's production this year has kept Ryan from reaching the money spots, currently sitting 14 points out of the money. With only a couple weeks left until Waiver Draft picked players are active, where it is likely to see Bolland get dropped durng the Draft.

Bolland, a member of Box 6, should be dropped by the three teams that have picked him up, especially with players like Dustin Penner or James Neal already in the box.

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