Friday, November 06, 2009

Hedman Was Rocked

The Lightning's Victor Hedman had his "welcome to the NHL" moment last night in the game versus the Senators, as Chris Neil absolutely railroaded the number two overall pick behind the Lightning's net in the second period. Hedman had to leave the game and not come back, likely with an upper-body injury. There has been no official word as to what Hedman's condition is, but I'm sure we'll learn of it before the Lightning play again on Saturday in Montreal.

In place of my regular pool implications logo, I thought I would post the video, for your reference. Hedman wasn't taken in the Draft and has slightly fallen off his scoring pace from his good start to the season. At one point, he should have been considered Waiver Draft worthy, but since then, he's been a little quiet on the scoresheet and now with this hit, he may be out for a little bit too.

On the Sheet, Hedman wasn't included on the Lightning roster. He'll have to wait until next year.

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