Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toskala Injured

The recently Draft-dropped Vesa Toskala decided to take himself out of a losing effort against the Islanders on Monday night, due to a lower-body injury, more clearly his groin. It appears that the injury is far more serious than him skating off and leaving the ice under his own power. Toskala has been placed on the Injured Reserve, meaning that he'll be out for at least a week and that the Leafs called up Joey MacDonald from the minors to help serve the action in net.

ImplicationsSince Toskala was dropped in the Draft, he doesn't have any direct effects to the pool, but Jonas Gustavsson does and he's still in the Draft. This should mean that Gustavsson gets a few more starts, unless MacDonald can come in and win a game or two.

Toskala has zero selections on the Sheet, but Gustavsson has 10... so, it works out about the same as it does in the Draft paragraph. There is a great chance for more Gustavsson starts.

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