Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bad Break for Jovanovski

Before all the action on Friday afternoon dropped, the Phoenix Coyotes announced that Ed Jovanovski has been sidelined by an upper-body injury, so they had placed him on the Injured Reserve, which could very well extend into the Long Term Injury Reserve, as reports have surfaced that Jovanovski has suffered a broken orbital bone.

An orbital bone injury is a very sensitive one, which usually needs a good number of weeks to heal up, which will likely put the remainder of the regular season in doubt for the big defenseman.  With the playoffs in sight for the Coyotes, there is a good chance that he will make his return then, but we'll probably have to wait and see what the team does or announce for him later on.

It hasn't been the best of seasons for Jovanovski, who has only seen 47 of 59 games for the Coyotes (going into Friday night) this season, scoring 5 goals and 9 assists for 14 points, ranking him 403rd in pool scoring this year, quite the disappointing finish for him, if it is indeed a finish.  His totals are usually in the 30-to-40-point range in a season and that would probably be closer to 25 points, if he was on pace for another one of those years by now..

ImplicationsIn the draft, the season looks to be lost for Neil B., who was sitting in 17th place in the overall standings and 19th in the third segment standings, so there is very little left for him now.  The loss of Jovanovski won't help him at all and any trades of his players will not likely be enough either.

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