Monday, February 28, 2011

Wideman to the Capitals

2011 Season2011Remaining
To Washington
PositionAgeGPGAPCap HitYearsCap Hit
Dennis WidemanDefense286192433$3.9 million1Same
To Florida
PositionAgeGPGAPCap HitYearsCap Hit
Jake HauswirthForward230000$545,0001Same
2011 3rd Round Draft Pick

The Washington Capitals made a move to improve their blueline for the stretch run, as they acquired Dennis Wideman from their division rivals, the Florida Panthers, for a prospect and a mid-round draft pick this Summer.

In Wideman, the Capitals will get a some more offensive help from the back end, plus a little bit more experience for their young defensive players.  Wideman has shown some good flashes in some of his stops in the NHL and the Capitals may need some extra help with Mike Green on the shelf at the moment.  This could be a very good move for him, potentially playing with some of the most dynamic offensive players.

The Panthers get some more assets for the future and that's about it.  There's lots to say about Hauswirth's size, but there isn't a great deal of upside being noted for him.  The pick may be the key part for the Panthers, who are stockpiling at the moment.

Salary CapThe Capitals may have worked themselves into a tough spot with their salary cap situation, which suggests that they are far from being done making moves on deadline day.  This will be a very interesting day for them.  Players in and players out still have to be decided, but the easiest way out may be to drop one of their young, more expensive players, back into the minors right away.

ImplicationsWell, this gives Allan S. another tool that increases his point potential will likely help him run away with the pool championship.  Wideman should be getting a boost out of this deal, the teams chasing Allan will now hope for a boost or three for their teams now.

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