Saturday, February 19, 2011

Draft Player Scratches (Feb 19)

It was a little bit of a surprise to see Marc Methot's name in the scratch box, but it does appear that the veteran defenseman was a healthy scratch on Friday night for the game against the Blackhawks.  In this uncertain time of roster moves, the interest sort of peaks when you see a name like his hit the box, but with the Jackets only 4 points out of 6th place in the West, it would have to be a lateral move, if he was dealt right away, in my opinion.

Chris M., who currently sits in 3rd place in the standings, 11 points out of 1st, wouldn't mind a deal that would send Methot to a higher scoring, contending team, he could really use the points, instead of seeing his guy sit in the press box for a game.  Wait and see, I guess.

Reports after the Wild/Ducks game on Friday night suggest that Mikko Koivu has suffered a hand/finger injury after blocking a shot and they are now awaiting word on the severity of the injury.  The Wild are currently in the mix for a playoff spot, in 10th spot with 67 points, trailing four teams by only 1 point, so this injury will not bode well for them, possibly may force a decision as to whether or not they are buyers or sellers rather quickly.  They do have some games in hand, so that is definitely a positive note for them, especially if they can cash in.

Jani K. is hoping that Koivu is not out very long, since he would like to reach the top 10 in the standings, I'm sure.  Jani sits in 14th spot overall, 26 points out of 10th.  Jani also sits 12th in the 3rd segment standings after Friday night's action, only 11 points out of 1st, so the Koivu injury could be rather devastating to his chances there, especially if it is long-term.

A bout of the flu was enough to keep Mike Richards out of the Flyers line-up on Friday night against the Hurricanes, a game in which his team had lost 3-2.  Of course, a bout of the flu is not considered serious at all, so there should be little worry about the Flyers being without their captain for anymore than the game that has already passed.

Richards belongs to Clayton C., who is way too far down in the overall standings and is in last place in the 3rd segment as well.  There is little hope left in his season, just waiting for the playoffs.

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