Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Gaudreau Out With Fractured Finger

Some of the worst fears for the Calgary Flames have been realized, some of which they were facing before the season started and that is life without Johnny Gaudreau. Gaudreau suffered a fractured finger in the game against the Minnesota Wild, not before he scored the only goal of the game, and the news eventually got worse on Wednesday.  The team announced that the finger will require surgery to repair it, but they had no immediate timetable for a return.  It isn't outlandish to think that this is a 4-to-6 week injury.

The Flames are unlikely to be able to replace that sort of dynamic offense that their best player can provide, but his numbers are not necessarily that impressive to start the year.  5 goals and 11 points in the first 17 games isn't quite the level that he should be scoring at, nor the level they are paying him at, but it has been a rough start for both player and team, to say the least.

And if Tony could possibly get any more unlucky this season, I'd hate to think what would happen.  This is another significant injury on his team and it is just getting to be that time where he has to consider his other options, when the Waiver Draft comes around.  Losing his 1st round pick for an extended period of time and is already in an unenviable position in the standings is not good news.

Life without Gaudreau would start tonight in Arizona for the Flames and for Tony, who starts the night in 22nd, 7 points clear of 25th.
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