Thursday, November 10, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Nov 10)

Only Mike made it through on Wednesday night, thanks to Sergei Bobrovsky and the Blue Jackets, which now makes four teams moving on to Week Six in the survivor pool. Six teams are still in need of that win and Thursday night will be a busy one on the NHL schedule, so we should see some more survivor games tonight.

As the starting goalie announcements trickle in, it took some time before we saw a survivor game, but we have one in Pittsburgh. Devan Dubnyk will be going for John, with the Wild taking on Marc-Andre Fleury and the Penguins tonight.  John had two potential starts tonight, but as the starters are going, he'll only get one of them.  Cam will get the other start in this game, as his team tries to keep pace with the top teams.

In what appears to be the only other survival game on a night where there is 10 games on the schedule, Dale C. will get the chance to come away with a win for Week Six, as Kari Lehtonen will get the call in Calgary, taking on Derek B.'s Brian Elliott.  Dale's team is one of two surviving teams with only six wins on the season, so his team has been getting by on a fairly thin margin, but continuing to move on.

We're not entirely sure who is supposed to get the call for the Anaheim Ducks tonight, but since they're working on back-to-back nights, it could very well be Jonathan Bernier.  Who knows?  It could be John Gibson too.  What we do know is that they will be taking on Cam Ward in the Hurricanes net.  Brian's goalie will either play host to Eric's or Dale B.'s goalie, all three not featuring for survival tonight.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have not been afraid to ride Sergei Bobrovsky on back-to-back nights, but he hasn't been confirmed one way or the other either.  Tuukka Rask will get the call for Troy's team tonight, but he has already qualified, as has Mike's team, so it's a points-only game here, regardless.

The Canucks make their last visit to the Joe Louis Arena tonight and they'll send Brenda & Seward's keeper, Ryan Miller, to face Benson's goalie, Jimmy Howard tonight.  There's a good chance we're going to snooze through this game.

Wes will get a start from Martin Jones and the Sharks tonight, as they visit the Florida Panthers, who have opted to go with Eric's number two guy, James Reimer, in their net.  It's a battle of 24th versus 22nd in the standings, trying to climb over each other to get out of the basement.

Troy has already qualified safely for next week, so his start from Jaroslav Halak will just be a boost to try and work his way out of the basement as well, but his goalie gets a solid test from Ryan's goalie, Andrei Vasilevskiy, who gets a start for the Lightning at the other end. 25th versus 16th in the pool, the difference today being 14 points.

Benson will have two starts yet again tonight, with Carey Price getting the nod for the Canadiens with the visiting Los Angeles Kings in town.  Peter Budaj, the early favourite for the 1st overall pick in the Week Eight Waiver Draft, will get the call for the visitors.

A couple of already qualified goalies will go head-to-head in Nashville tonight, as Stuart's Carter Hutton will take on Stacey M.'s Pekka Rinne in the Central Division battle.  This is a 4th place versus 20th place in the standings match-up, 20 points difference between the two.

Wes could really make some hay against some of his basement dwelling buddies tonight, as his second start will be against Tony's goalie, as their two teams are 24th and 23rd, respectively, in a 1 point difference. Louis Domingue will host Connor Hellebuyck in the battle of past and present Jets organizations.

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