Friday, November 25, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Nov 25)

Well, this Black Friday holiday start is killing this post, so there might be some periodic updates to it as we go, but here are the one game, that has already started, one that is a definite projection and another possibility for a survival game. The rest of the games may or may not be added this afternoon.

An early 11am MT start saw Henrik Lundqvist take to the ice for Grant and the Rangers, as they took on the Philadelphia Flyers in their barn, getting Steve Mason going for Brenda & Seward at the other side.  Surprisingly, Grant has yet to qualify with his duo, but by the look of things, he's going to get his win here (at the time of this post).

Dale C. gets a start from Ben Bishop and the Lightning in one of the evening games, as they will take on Sergei Bobrovsky and the Columbus Blue Jackets, a 5:30pm MT start there.  Dale had two possible starts, but his other goalie will be an observer tonight, so this will be his only chance today, but unlikely to be his last chance in the week.

The Boston Bruins did play (and lose) last night, which was the only survival shot of the night, but the Bruins had yet to announce their starter with the Flames in town tonight, so Troy doesn't quite know if he'll get another shot at it or whether or not they'll go with the back-up.  At the Flames' end, they will go back to Chad Johnson, whose run is a pleasant surprise for John S., who is just raking in the minutes of late.

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