Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Nov 22)

Usually, the NHL is way busier on a Tuesday, but we're limited to only five games on the schedule tonight, which might lead to some late night updates after I play ball hockey, since it wouldn't take forever to do.

A limited schedule also means that there are limited chances for teams to make it into next week, as only two of the five games have any meaning.  Let's check and see which games they are...

The big (and only) survival match-up of the night goes in Boston, where we'll see Mike's number one, Jake Allen, take on Troy's number one, Tuukka Rask, in the game between the Blues and Bruins.  Mike leads all teams in the pool in wins with 18, while Rask is still the best player in the pool, so this will be a great match-up.

It's an all-Brian match-up in Toronto tonight, as both of his goalies should guarantee him at least one win tonight. It will be Cam Ward versus Frederik Andersen in net, when the Hurricanes and Maple Leafs go head-to-head.  Brian opens the night with a 2-point lead and another 2 points will go a long way to help distance his team from Benson's.

It's all about the points in Florida tonight, as Steve Mason will go for Brenda & Seward, while Roberto Luongo will go for Cam.  The two teams are 26 points away from each other in the standings, which will take a lot more than one game to close up, but a solid shutout by the Flyers would be a great start.

Benson won't let Brian get away with 2 points too easily tonight, as he'll send Carey Price to the Habs net tonight, when they take on the Senators at the Bell Centre tonight.  Craig Anderson will get the call for Wilton, who has already qualified this week, making this into a non-survivor game in the end.

Dale B. is still in the mix for a good spot this season, as his team currently sits in 12th and although it's 21 points out of the money, now that we're getting closer to the Waiver Draft, there is still plenty of hope to be had.  Tonight though, his team has both goalies going in Anaheim, as it will be Thomas Greiss against John Gibson, when the Islanders and Ducks clash on the pond.  All points will certainly help.

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