Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Nov 30)

It's a little later than usual, but we have ourselves a quick goalie post, just so we can highlight the survivor pool.

We saw two teams get their wins for the week, as Grant and Stacey M. joined Mike as the surviving teams through two nights of Week Eight and now we have one more survival game tonight, only leaving four more days to get the job done.

John S. gets the highlighted game tonight, as his surprising goalie, Chad Johnson, will get the start for the Flames with the Toronto Maple Leafs in town.  He might get a bit of a bonus too, as the Leafs played last night in Edmonton and that means that Jhonas Enroth is going to get the start tonight.  Enroth has appeared in five games for the Leafs and has yet to register a win, which bodes well for Calgary tonight.

It will be Matt Murray against Thomas Greiss in Brooklyn tonight, as the Penguins and Islanders go head-to-head in this one.  This is the early game on the schedule and it will feature Scott & Dale B.'s goalies here.  Dale is starting to get a bit more traction out of Greiss and he'll be put up to a good test tonight, I'm sure.

Well, we now know who Peter Budaj will be playing for next week and that's Wes.  He'll get to take a peek at both of his goalies in the Sharks and Kings game, as Martin Jones will indeed get the call for San Jose.  Unfortunately, 2 points is not guaranteed for him today, but soon... soon... it will be a real match-up where he can't lose.

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