Sunday, November 13, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Nov 13)

Grant got his win on Saturday night, so there is only one team left to make it through and we'd have the first week in the season, where we didn't lose a team in the goalie survivor pool.  That would be something, but could it possibly happen?

The New York Rangers rolled through Calgary on Saturday night, but they expect to have a much tougher test in Edmonton on Sunday night, when they hook up with the Oilers. The top team in the Metropolitan Division visits the top team in the Pacific Division and to top it off, it's a survival game!  Cam Talbot is Marcie's last chance at making it through to Week Six and the way is paved through Antti Raanta, Stacey M.'s keeper.

Both goalies are expected, neither confirmed at the time of publishing this post, the early games saw to the early release.

In the early, early game... the Kings are in Winnipeg to take on the Jets.  No morning skate for each team, so lots of guessing about the goalies for this one.  Neither team played on Saturday, so it could be safe to assume that Peter Budaj goes for the Kings again, while Connor Hellebuyck should get the nod for the Jets.  Tony gets another start from his young goalie in Winnipeg and needs a win.

The Canucks are back home after a six-game road trip, but they get an even better test with the offense of the Dallas Stars coming down on them.  Kari Lehtonen is expected to go for Dale C. this afternoon, while it should be Ryan Miller in the Canucks' net for Brenda & Seward.  These two pool teams are separated by a point in the standings on the wrong side of the top and bottom half line.  Wins are huge here.

A rare start for Darcy Kuemper on Sunday, as the Minnesota Wild are in Ottawa to take on Craig Anderson and the Senators.  This is only Kuemper's third appearance and we all know it was going to be few and far between in starts, which is why he wasn't taken in the pool.  Anderson will go for Wilton again, who could move into the top half with a big result.

Semyon Varlamov was confirmed by the Avalanche coaching staff on Saturday afternoon, so Kristy & Don were relieved to know they had a start coming before the end of the week, while the Bruins were in Arizona last night, beating the Coyotes and it'll be a question of whether or not the team has any faith in their backup or not, because it should be Zane McIntyre, but Tuukka Rask might get the call again, because they want to feel safe in a playoff spot.  I'm sure Troy would be happy to get another start from his number one guy.

One of the later games was one of the first to confirm on Saturday night, as we knew that Al Montoya will get the call on back-to-back nights for the Habs, as they head to Chicago to take on Corey Crawford and the Blackhawks.  Montoya has been good in his few appearances this year, auditioning for a role on a pool team, while Crawford continues to be hot, helping Marcin to a money spot in the standings.

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