Sunday, November 27, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Nov 27)

This week, we will have one elimination from the survivor pool!  With only Sunday to go, we still have two teams looking for a spot into Week Eight, but only one of those two teams has a real chance at it.

That's because they are going head-to-head!  Cue the ominous music.  Ben Bishop will get the call for Dale C. and Tuukka Rask will go for Troy, as they are both clinging on by the tips of their fingers and only one of these two teams will make it.  Sure, there is a chance that neither would make it, but let's not go there.  The Lightning and the Bruins will play in one of the two early, early games today and we'll know before too long, who will stay and who will go.

Unconfirmed early on in the day, we are expecting to see Pekka Rinne going for Stacey M.'s 15th place team against Connor Hellebuyck for Tony's 23rd place team.  Neither team can move up with a win, but their potential to drop with a loss is certainly there.

Marcie will get a key 2 points from one of her goalies in the game in Edmonton this afternoon, as she has both goalies scheduled to play in the Coyotes/Oilers match-up.  Mike Smith and Cam Talbot will go for each team and 2 points today could keep her team in 5th place for Monday morning.

Also unconfirmed, but we are expecting to see Roberto Luongo for Cam's 7th place team against Cam Ward for the 2nd place team that belongs to Brian.  It's a fairly busy Sunday all the way around, so a win or a loss could have some implications either way for tomorrow's start to the Waiver Draft.

The Ottawa Senators are playing on back-to-back nights, tonight's game is on Broadway against the Rangers, so we're expecting non-pool goalie Mike Condon to go, while Stacey M. gets a second start today with Antti Raanta expected to go with the Rangers this evening.  This could be Stacey's day to get back into the race, ahead of making some changes.

John S. has the only keeper goalie in the Flames/Flyers game, with Chad Johnson getting another start for the Flames.  Calgary has been riding their hot hand through this tough patch of games and the road trip going through Philly will be another good test.  The Flyers, on the other hand, are debuting Anthony Stolarz, confirmed, offering a solid test for his first start.
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