Monday, November 07, 2016

Trouba Signs Bridge Deal

The Winnipeg Jets finally came to terms with restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba, signing him to a pro-rated 2-year deal, carrying an annual salary cap hit of $3 million.  Of course, being a pro-rated deal means a whole lot more to how much he will end up getting paid after holding out for a month, but all the math will likely work out in the end and the Jets now have themselves another legit piece of the puzzle... but for how long?

Obviously, for the Jets, they certainly didn't want a key piece to sit out of the lineup for too long, while Trouba's value on the trade market, wasn't going to increase with him holding out, so the bridge deal came about, a good way to sort out their differences of opinion and also be very cost efficient, both in the Winnipeg lineup and on the trade market, as the Jets will likely still be shopping his talent around.

In the pool though, Dale B. has to be pretty excited to finally get a player close to returning to the lineup, surely much longer than initially thought.  There is a chance Dale could have Trouba back in the Jets' lineup as soon as tomorrow, which seems to be a very likely case with Tyler Myers on the IR, but the Jets management team were not that quick to confirm that, so we'll see.  He's close, regardless.

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