Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week Eight Waiver Draft (Nov 29)

We were off and running on Monday morning, but we only made it as far as our Grey Cup traveler, but I think he should be sending me a message sometime this morning.  I do like to at least give 24 hours and the last pick was at 2:50pm MT on Monday afternoon, so if we actually make it that far, we'll move on.

So, we'll have a quick review of the first seven picks, in hopes for an eighth before we get too far into the morning.  I know there are number of teams already chomping at the bit to make their season-saving pick.

Troy opted for the best double-threat player available in the pool, both a top scoring prospect in the pool and also the league leader in penalty minutes, Dallas Stars forward Antoine Roussel.  Troy's team has a lot of work to do in the PIM pool, but Roussel is a great start and with his scoring, he can also make it out of last place.

There's no question that Wes wanted out of the basement conversation, so he is taking a run with the replacement number one in Los Angeles, hoping to collect on this hot streak that Peter Budaj is putting together.  Wes' team was tied for 8th in goalie points already and should get a nice boost in the second segment.

Tony has four players on the Injured Reserve, but didn't drop any of them for his pick, taking the Florida Panthers dynamo from left field, forward Jonathan Marchessault.  He is certainly one of the top scorers available and is having quite the season in Florida.  It will be tough to climb the ladder, just improving on a healthy player, but Tony has lost some real talent this year.  I don't think Marchessault's 10 PIM will help him much in that pool either.

A second Dallas Stars forward was snapped up, appreciating their ability to put points up on the board, as Dale C. took Patrick Eaves from their side.  If you're going to choose between players, it is generally a good practice to choose from a team that is scoring all the way around.

The Toronto Maple Leafs haven't exactly been slouches on the scoreboard this season, so Brenda & Seward opted to pick up forward Tyler Bozak, who has been playing with some of that top end young talent they have been boasting about.  With 15 points in 21 games, he has been good, thus far.

The pool's original duo, Kristy & Don, were thought to be opting for the PIM pool, especially with an early pick and the lead heading into the week, but they may have opted for a little bit more scoring with only a slight inclination to the penalty box in St. Louis' David Perron.  Perron has 16 PIM and 16 points after Monday night.

For the last pick of the day, Eric was going to pick Perron, if he wasn't snapped up just before, but instead he went to the surpring Predators and picked up forward Viktor Arvidsson, who has been hot of late.  13 points in 21 games this season, he sits just outside of the top 100 in pool scoring overall and has quietly been going about his business.  A player that can certainly help, if no one draws too much attention to him.

There is still a few names out there that can help a team with their scoring woes, both up front and on defense and we should be getting to a good number of those today.  I would hope.

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