Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lack Suffers Concussion in Practice

There are not going to be too many questions about the Carolina crease for at least a week, as Eddie Lack was placed on the Injured Reserve on Monday, due to suffering a concussion in practice earlier in the day.

To the Hurricanes' credit, they at least appear to take the concussion protocol seriously, which is more than one can say about some other teams, listing their players as day-to-day with a concussion, despite knowing full well they can't go for a week.  Placement on the IR has given the team flexibility to call up Michael Leighton as well, so it pretty well had to happen.

This season, Lack hasn't featured nearly as much as you may have thought he would, only appearing in five games, so far, but only posting 1 win and 2 points might be the reason why.  The Hurricanes have not been strong with the number two guy in net and they are looking to compete in the East and they need a hot goalie to do so.

For Stacey C., this isn't great news, especially since the goaltending market for the Waiver Draft is paper thin and he isn't exactly poised to have a good pick for it.  Stacey opens up Tuesday night, which will be a busy night, in 10th place, but if his team was to somehow lose a little bit of ground this week, he's only 5 points up on 17th, which would greatly improve his chances for a decent back-up goalie.

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