Thursday, November 03, 2016

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Nov 3)

Nashville Predators forward Kevin Fiala was a healthy scratch on Tuesday night against the Avalanche, a game that the Predators were able to win handily, 5-1, which may not allow for the rookie winger to jump back into the lineup right away.  In eight games played this season, Fiala has a pair of goals, which unofficially has him ranked 382nd in scoring after Wednesday night.

For Stacey M., the Swiss forward was her last pick, swinging for a home run late, but she hasn't quite seen those bargain returns quite yet.  Stacey's team finished Wednesday night in 16th place, now 13 points out of 2nd place.

On Thursday morning, the Ottawa Senators announced that Craig Anderson has again left his team to attend to his personal family matter and that the timetable for his return is still unknown.  The Senators acquired Mike Condon from the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday and he will likely be taking over the starter's duties for the time being, with Andrew Hammond still on the shelf with a groin injury.

This isn't good news for Wilton's team, as his best player has now been removed from active duty for the time being.  Anderson has already posted 16 points this season, the 3rd best player in the pool ranks to this point in the season.  Wilton's team will open up Thursday night in 13th in the standings, 8 points out of 2nd place, but it'll be hard to make up that gap without his best player.

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