Sunday, October 28, 2018

Evening Player Notes (Oct 28)

Moving to the injured players from Saturday night, where we're still awaiting further word on... St. Louis Blues number one goalie Jake Allen left the game against the Chicago Blackhawks after a collision with a teammate in his crease, after making a stop down low.  It appeared to be contact with his head that knocked him out of the game, so we're still awaiting official word from the team, as to whether or not he has been placed into concussion protocol and where he could be within it.

Allen has been decent for Steve's team to start the season, picking up 6 points so far this year, and Steve's team has found its way to the top of the overall standings.  It will be interesting to see if the loss of Allen for any long period of time will affect that.  His goalies are tied for 13th in the pool in scoring, so it could hinder his side some.

A hit from Winnipeg's Jacob Trouba forced Toronto's Auston Matthews from Saturday afternoon's contest with a shoulder injury. The Maple Leafs didn't have any immediate word on their franchise centre, but they have announced that he will be missing Monday night's game in Calgary with the injury and they'll hope to know more by that game, if not soon after. He'll be listed as out day-to-day with the shoulder injury, until further notice.

Benson's team hasn't been overly strong in Week Four, dropping another spot, down to 3rd place and if this injury is significant, that would take a huge piece out of his lineup and the free fall could continue before too long.  At the start of play today, Matthews ranked 6th in pool scoring, 16 points in 11 games.

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