Sunday, October 14, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Oct 14)

What a debacle yesterday's goalie post was!  After all the announced goalies, which there were not very many, I was left to guess most of the rest and that didn't go so well.  The teams in the NHL went to a lot of backups for some of their first starts, which made sense, since we're nearly two weeks into the action.  Things will start to normalize here soon though.

Only three games on the schedule today, one of them is an early start, hence the early post, while the other two are evening games, including the Hometown Hockey game on Sportsnet and it looks like two out of the three games have already been confirmed this morning, so here goes!

Martin Jones (Brenda & Seward) versus Keith Kinkaid (Neil)
The San Jose Sharks roll into New Jersey for a date with the Devils on Sunday afternoon and this has some potential to be a pretty good game.  The Sharks and their awesome team on paper will visit the 2-0-0 Devils, who have carried right along, albeit slowly on the schedule, from right where they were in the regular season last year.

Neil's team ran the hottest on Saturday, jumping right into the Mover & Shaker spot for the week and he gets one more goalie start to end the week with Kinkaid, so that bodes well for this appearance in tomorrow morning's Newsletter.  Brenda & Seward, on the other hand, still reside in last place in the standings, but they are 2 points clear of the Basement Dweller, which could also improve if the win fell their way today.

Ryan Miller (Benson) versus Chad Johnson (N/A)
With both the Ducks and Blues playing last night, it is expected that we'll see both backups for each team, face off in the Sunday evening game in St. Louis.  Ryan Miller has made one relief appearance already this season, while this will be the season debut for Chad Johnson, but he doesn't carry any pool allegiances, so that really doesn't matter to this post.

Benson still holds the lead in the overall standings in the pool, a 4-point lead over Neil's surging team, but a win won't be enough for back-to-back weeks in the Mover & Shaker.  He'll need his two skater games to help him out as well.

Petr Mrazek (Stacey C.) versus Laurent Brossoit (N/A)
Finally, the Winnipeg Jets will debut their alternate jersey on Hometown Hockey tonight and they'll welcome the Hurricanes, who were in Minnesota last night.  As much as the Hurricanes may like Curtis McElhinney, it does not seem like a good idea to ride him too hard, which would suggest that Petr Mrazek would get the call tonight.  On the Jets side, they may have had an extra day off or two, but backup goalie Laurent Brossoit still hasn't made his debut yet this year, until tonight that is.  Brossoit has been tapped to go, showing off the new duds tonight.

Stacey's team, just inside the top 20, could just use some good news from his crease spot occupied by Mrazek, as he probably thought he was getting the potential number one guy there in Carolina, only to lose out ice-time and starts to a waiver claim.

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