Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Oct 17)

It's been a busy week at the office, so the goalie posts have been taking a bit of a backseat.  I tried really hard to get yesterday's done, but all of a sudden 4pm rolled around and I still didn't have a few of those games done.  Oh well!

Only four games on the docket tonight, so it's a little bit easier to get this one through.  Have a peek, see if you have anyone going for your side tonight.

Jake Allen (Steve) versus Carey Price (Stacey M.)
The Montreal Canadiens will welcome Carey Price back to their crease tonight, when they play host to Jake Allen and the St. Louis Blues at the Bell Centre tonight.  Price was feeling under the weather late last week and deferred an extra start to Antti Niemi this week, but it sounds like he is good to go now.

Stacey's team currently trails Steve's team in the standings by 7 points going into tonight's action, so this game isn't exactly a swing game in the standings, but Steve could really make up some ground on the money teams with a win from the road team tonight.

Alexandar Georgiev (N/A) versus Braden Holtby (Stacey C.)
The Rangers are on the second half of back-to-back nights, so it would make sense, albeit unconfirmed, that they will go to their backup in Washington, giving Alexandar Georgiev quite the assignment in the sink or swim fashion.  This could be good news for Stacey C. and his goalie, Braden Holtby, also not confirmed, but a good bet for tonight.  Stacey's team sits 17 points out of the top three and goaltending can usually be a good spark plug for a team to start making up that kind of ground.

Tuukka Rask (Jesse) versus Mike Smith (Brian)
This one was confirmed on Tuesday, as we are expecting to see the number ones in Calgary tonight, with the Bruins taking on the Flames.  Tuukka Rask will give Jesse a start tonight, while Brian gets a start from Mike Smith, wearing the retro duds, like you see above.

In the weekly scoring side of things, Jesse is off to a much better start in Week Three than Brian, as the scoring currently sits 7-2 in points this week.  Jesse currently resides in 10th place, while Brian has dropped down to 17th.

Thomas Greiss (Stuart) versus John Gibson (Kristy & Don)
The New York Islanders are starting back-to-back nights with a stop in Anaheim on Wednesday night and they will start the set by sending Thomas Greiss to the crease.  Greiss was confirmed as the starter this afternoon, but his opponent hasn't quite been confirmed yet, but the Ducks on proper rest should be going with John Gibson tonight.

Stuart could use a win to help him out of the weekly basement, while Kristy & Don are running at an average pace this week, but they have seen their team drop a spot and they could use a big win to keep the pace.

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