Friday, October 26, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Oct 26)

It's an early start in Vegas today, as a 4pm MT start between the Lightning and Golden Knights makes me expedite this post.

Andrei Vasilevskiy (Dale C.) versus Marc-Andre Fleury (Troy)
Of course, an afternoon game in Sin City won't have their goalies confirmed on time, so we're just assuming it will be the number one keepers today, giving Dale and Troy a start before most people get home from work today.  These two teams are separated by 17 points in the standings at the start of play today, Dale's team making up some ground already this week.

Laurent Brossoit (N/A) versus Jimmy Howard (Tony)
The Red Wings are hosting the Jets tonight and they will get a bit of a reprieve with their backup getting the nod in their barn.  Tony gets a start from the Red Wings tonight, with his team doing okay in the pool so far this week, right around the average mark at 13 points through four nights.  A win and some help could really get his team to climb the standings, given how tight it is today.

Aaron Dell (Troy) versus Petr Mrazek (Stacey C.)
Troy's team might get its second start of the night and it could definitely use it... and the wins!  Troy's team is one of two teams currently holding onto the Basement Dweller spot at only 7 points this week.  Stacey C. has seen some positive results this week and he gets another start this week from the Hurricanes tonight, trying to build on his 17 points.  Could be a tough slog for 2 points though.

Craig Anderson (Mike) versus Philipp Grubauer (Jesse)
The Avalanche are starting back-to-back nights tonight with the Senators in town and the Avs have decided to go with their number two with the Sens in town, giving Jesse a scheduled start on the calendar.  The Sens don't play again until Sunday, so they will continue rolling with their number one, giving Mike a start tonight.  It seems like every night that Mike gets a start... or is that just me?  Mike's team ranks 2nd in goalie minutes played this season, so that might be why.

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