Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Goalie Announcements (Oct 10)

It's night three of Week Two and it's somewhat of a quiet night on the schedule with only three games on the docket.

Through two nights though, it has been a fairly productive week, if we were still running the goalie survivor pool this season.  Seven of the 20 remaining teams from the end of Week One would still be in the mix through Tuesday night's action.  Only two of the goalies playing tonight can qualify their team for Week Three.

Calvin Pickard (N/A) versus Craig Anderson (Mike)
Mike has the only hockey pool starting goalie starting in the game between the Flyers and the Senators on Wednesday night.  Craig Anderson is his guy, going for the home side, looking to improve upon the 3 points from the crease, when he takes on non-pool goalie Calvin Pickard, making his first start of the season and his Flyers debut.  Mike's team could use the lift, as it has dropped a couple spots already this week, down to 18th from 16th in the first two nights.

Marc-Andre Fleury (Troy) versus Braden Holtby (Stacey C.)
It's a rematch of the Stanley Cup Finals, with the Golden Knights heading into Washington to take on the Capitals and we're expecting a top notch goaltending battle on US national television, as Marc-Andre Fleury and Braden Holtby face off against each other again.

More importantly, this is a table mate match-up from the draft, as Stacey C. will look to try and play catch-up on Troy's team, which the gap opens the night at 7 points.  A goose egg, one way or the other would be a big swing in that race.  Troy's team opens the night in 9th place with 25 points and Stacey's team is well back in 20th.

Antti Raanta (Brian) versus John Gibson (Kristy & Don)
In the late game, the Coyotes are in Anaheim to take on the injured, yet still flying high Ducks.  The Coyotes have only played in a couple of games this season, but they have yet to score a goal, which you would think would make John Gibson's job that much easier tonight and it probably will.  Antti Raanta, on the other hand, will have his hands full, trying to keep his team in the game, since his offense won't throw him any bones.

It's 10th versus 2nd place in the pool standings, as Brian's team is off to an average start to the week, but Kristy & Don have been a bit better overall and that's thanks in large part to Gibson's start to the season.  The duo is already looking for their 3rd win of the week tonight, that just how good their goaltending has been early on.

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