Monday, October 15, 2018

Pens' Schultz Out Indefinitely

If you didn't cringe when you saw Justin Schultz's leg/ankle buckle underneath him on the weekend, I don't know what could possibly be wrong with you, because that was ridiculous.

The Pittsburgh Penguins confirmed on Monday morning that Schultz needed surgery to repair a fractured left leg and that his timetable for a return will be in the 4-month range, which would be about February, at this point.

A very disappointing result for him, especially so early in the season, as the mobile defender was off to a good start, registering 4 assists in his first four games this season. 

It has to be even more disappointing for Scott, who took him in the 8th round, looking for a great bargain pick, and will now have to sit with him until the Week Nine Waiver Draft players go active in Week Ten.  What makes that worse is that we are only at the start of Week Three right now, so this will be a tough pill to swallow, but not an impossible hill to overcome.

Scott's team starts the week in 17th place, 12 points behind 3rd place, but his team is among the pool lows in projected games for the coming week at 31.  He'll need his players to make the most of those games, if he's going to keep or make up on the pace.

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