Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Avery Suspended Indefinitely

Well, you call can it what you will. Sean Avery has been suspended by the NHL pending a hearing because of his remarks made about the Calgary Flames and his suggestible comments about Dion Phaneuf dating Elisha Cuthbert. Frankly, I have a feeling the NHL did Avery a solid by not allowing him to play against the Flames, despite his lack of fear about playing anyone and everyone.

The Dallas Stars haven't quite had the record that the Rangers did with Avery in the line-up, so they don't really know what it's like without him in the line-up at the moment. The Rangers were pretty poor without Avery in their line-up last season, but this season, the Stars are just plain horrible, even with Avery in the line-up. It would be interesting to see how the team reacts to the missing piece of their current puzzle.

In 23 games in Dallas this season, Avery has 3 goals and 7 assists as a Box 6 forward on the Sheet. Avery wasn't taken in the Draft at any point.

It sure looks like the NHL is really cracking down on villainy. I will agree that comments made in the paper are much different about comments made on the ice, so the NHL could be in the right here, especially when the media tacks onto personal comments like bears to honey. Personal comments won't be forgotten and the Flames & Stars will play three more times this year, so expect those involved in Avery's comments to not forget. Does the NHL suspend Avery for all the Dallas/Calgary games? Gosh, I hope not... talk about something to bring the people in past the turnstiles.

Welcome to the American Airlines Center... here's your fight card!

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