Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mayers Injured

Well, I thought that the move to acquire Jamal Mayers from the Blues in the off-season was a pretty good idea for Toronto, but the numbers and his new injury suggest something different. First, the injury though... Mayers suffered a broken hand on Monday night, which will likely keep him out of the line-up for two to four weeks. You would think that is bad news, right? Well, on a defensive first team, Mayers is a -10 in his plus/minus rating, which is a team-low. Now, generally, if you're poor in your plus/minus, you would like to think that you are contributing on the power play (where you don't get a plus for a goal), but Mayers hasn't registered a special teams goal at all. Mayers also leads the team in penalty minutes.

It should be interesting to see how they fill his spot in the roster, as theoretically, they should have some sort of talent that listens to coaching well enough to keep him from being too bad in the plus/minus column.

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