Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Kolzig in Tampa

The Tampa Bay Lightning have lost their number two goalie, Olaf Kolzig, to an upper body injury for an indefinite period of time. Kolzig was acquired by the Lightning in the off-season to help out Mike Smith in net, but his help has been rather minimal this season. Kolzig has only appeared in 8 games this season, a far cry from the number I'm sure he was hoping to get into more games when he signed, but that isn't the case.

In his 8 appearances, Kolzig has only managed to win in two games and hasn't managed a shutout or an assist. That's only 4 points this season for Kolzig, which has been a real disappointment to Dale B., who drafted him in the Draft pool. It was anybody's guess as to how many starts he'd get, so it did make him a reasonable pick in October. Possibly in the second Waiver Draft, he'll either have enough points or he'll be dropped.

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