Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday Morning Round-Up

The kid line is taking a bit of a beating of late, as the Oilers were already going into their game against the Kings without Robert Nilsson, but they learned beforehand that Sam Gagner, a Draft pick of Dennis and a Box 4 forward, was going to miss last night's game and likely a week more, due to a minor concussion he suffered against Dallas on Wednesday. Gagner has had a pretty slow year, having only 6 points in 23 games for the Oilers.

With these new injuries, there has to be some call-ups from the minor system and finally, it's Gilbert Brule's turn to have another crack at the Oilers' line-up. Brule, an acquisition from Columbus in the off-season, was thought to be a lock for the team at the beginning of the season, because he does bring a lot of speed, but the Box 9 forward did not impress in camp and found himself on his way down to the AHL.

The Kings sat Tom Preissing again against the Oilers, likely fueling the rumour mill about his availability in the trade market. Preissing, a Box 10 defenseman, has not played many games recently, becoming a constant scratch. The Senators have been in the mill, looking for a new defenseman, so watch Pressing carefully.

Against the Canucks on Friday night, the Wild lost the services of Box 7 forward, Owen Nolan, again to injury. Nolan left the game in the first period, not to return with a lower body injury. This is the second injury that Nolan has sustained this season, looking more and more like a poor pick-up in the free agent market by Minnesota.

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