Thursday, January 19, 2012

Clowe Sits with Facial Fractures

Not sure how this injury avoided being published over the last few days, but Ryane Clowe missed his first game because of facial fractures on Tuesday, when the Sharks took on the Flames. Clowe actually suffered the injury when he was checked into the boards, face first, a week before that against the Wild, but wore a cage around his face for three games after the fact. Enough was enough for Clowe, who wasn't enjoying wearing the cage and he felt the need to sit and let his face heal a little bit more on Tuesday and he is expected to still be out on Thursday night with the Senators in town.

Consider the power forward out on a day-to-day basis, but with no timetable for a return.

Clowe has not been all that dominating in the league to this point in the season, scoring 9 goals and 17 assists in 42 games with the club. The scoring rate has been pretty good, but not over the top, like some may have expected him to be, but that isn't to say he isn't a good pick this year. Overall, he's ranked 145th in pool scoring, going into Thursday night's action, which isn't too bad.  If Clowe can power through this injury, he could be in good shape for the rest of the season and maybe some rest will do him some good.

ImplicationsLeon G. had picked Clowe with the 136th pick in the draft, so he's getting about what he should out of his pick this year, but Leon probably thought that getting Clowe down that far was going to be a bit of a bargain.  That hasn't been the case, yet, nor will a few extra days off help that cause any.  Leon's team hasn't been all that good this year, sitting in 15th spot on Thursday afternoon.

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