Saturday, January 14, 2012

Van Riemsdyk Concussed

The Flyers received some disappointing news on Saturday, as they will now be without scoring forward James Van Riemsdyk for an indefinite period of time after suffering a concussion this week.  The Flyers are unsure of when one of their young stars suffered the concussion exactly, but he was turned away from the morning skate in Nashville, when it was discovered that he was suffering from the symptoms.

With this bit of news, don't expect to see Van Riemsdyk in the Flyers' line-up for at least the next week, likely longer.

It hasn't been a stellar season for Van Riemsdyk in Philadelphia, despite the team having a pretty good year overall.  The 22-year old has only scored 11 goals and 11 assists in 37 games this year, which has him ranked 182nd in pool scoring, just before the 5pm MT games face off on Saturday night.  The expectations were certainly higher for him, but that isn't to say he hasn't been contributing, because he has, just not at the pace that most poolies would have preferred.

ImplicationsIn the draft, Van Riemsdyk belongs to Scott G., who currently sits 15th in standings, going into the evening games on Saturday night.  Scott's season has not been great, having plenty of injury problems in the year, which has limited his team to only so many scoring opportunities.  His team ranks among the weekly  lows in games played in Week Fifteen and has really fallen off when it comes to total number of skater games played.  Next season, he'll hope to score some real horseshoes, just to keep his guys healthy.

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