Friday, January 06, 2012

Draft Player News (Jan. 6)

The Boston Bruins didn't miss one of their key forwards on Thursday night against the Flames, as they went out on an offensive rampage last night, as if they didn't miss a beat. Brad Marchand sat out of the game because of a touch of the flu and his club went on to lay a solid 9-0 beating down on Calgary without him. Marchand has only got a touch of the flu, which should be considered a day-to-day thing and he should be expected to suit up for Saturday afternoon's contest against the Canucks.

If there was one game that Leon G. didn't want Marchand to miss, it would have been the offensive romp, since he would have been in there like a dirty shirt, claiming points and likely making things much worse for the visitors.  2 or 3 points would have been good for Leon, who currently sits 2 points back of 16th place at the moment in 18th, so it's not about the future games will won't miss, it's about last night's game that he did miss.

It appears that Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen has suffered a wrist injury on Thursday night.  The initial reports were that the veteran defender had suffered an upper-body injury and wasn't going to be able to return to the game, as per the team, during the game against the Blackhawks, but it has suggested (more than it has officially been reported) that the injury is indeed to his wrist and the team will spend the next day or so evaluating the injury.

This is not good news to the pool team that has the best defensemen, to date, as Stuart G.  is now waiting on the edge of his seat, hoping for good news about this injury.  Stuart currently sits in 6th place, just 7 points out of the last money spot and if he is going to make any money this year, he'll need his bread and butter (defensemen) to keep up the charge.  Timonen is remarkably 3rd on his team in defensemen scoring with 24 points, just to give you an idea of how good his side is from the blueline.

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